(Web Desk) – Aamir Khan is one of the most acclaimed method actors in Bollywood which he has proved over the years by playing unusual characters in films like PK, 3 Idiots, Dangal and more. He recently revealed that he was offered the main lead in the big budget movie 2.0 which he refused to accept.

Rajnikanth himself asked Aamir to play his role in the INR 350 crore movie – the most expensive movie ever made in Indian cinema. Indian reports even claimed that Akshay Kumar is charging as much as INR 25 crore for the movie.

Aamir said that as soon as Rajnikanth made the offer to him, he refused and said the veteran actor should himself play the lead. “Nobody could do it better than Rajnikanth,” he added. Robot actor had offered the role to Aamir citing health reasons, however, Aamir opined that the Robot sequel must have Rajnikanth starring as main lead.

Dangal star has already announced that 2.0 will break all records of Indian cinema. He has read the script and loved it instantly.

Both Robot and 2.0 have been directed by S. Shankar. 2.0 will be released in January, 2018. Akshay Kumar will star as villain and the movie has already gathered much attention from fans.